Many people are a little nervous when they try CEFALY for the first time. They wonder: “What does the stimulation feel like? Will I be able to tolerate it? Does CEFALY hurt?”

It may take some time to get used to the sensation of trigeminal nerve stimulation, but using CEFALY should never hurt. You should feel a gentle tingling or vibrating sensation. Long-term users say it feels soothing and relaxing, like getting a head massage.

You have full control of your CEFALY stimulation level. The key to comfort is finding your sweet spot: the precise level of stimulation that is both comfortable and effective for treating and preventing migraine. When treatment is comfortable, it means that the stimulation on your forehead is noticeable but not painful.

How do you find your CEFALY sweet spot?

  1. Recline or lie down in a comfortable place so you can pay attention to the stimulation.
  2. Begin treatment.
  3. The stimulation intensity will slowly increase over the first 14 minutes of treatment.
  4. Pay attention to how the stimulation feels.
  • Do you feel a gentle tingling, prickling, or vibrating sensation, like when your leg is falling asleep? This is how CEFALY should feel when you’re at or approaching your sweet spot.
  • Do you feel your eyelid or eyebrow twitching? This may mean that your electrode isn’t in the right place, or that the stimulation level is too high. Stop the treatment, adjust the electrode, and begin your treatment again.
  • If the sensation becomes too strong, stop the treatment and begin again. Using CEFALY should never be painful.
  1. When you reach a point where the treatment is both comfortable and noticeable and you don’t want to go higher, press the device button one time.
  2. Ramping will stop and the intensity will stabilize at your chosen intensity. This is your sweet spot!

Remember….your sweet spot might be different for ACUTE and PREVENT modes and could change over time.

How to record and adjust your sweet spot

Have the Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected? Find your sweet spot with the CeCe Migraine Management app.

  • Pair your CEFALY Connected with the CeCe app.
  • Once treatment starts, you will see the stimulation intensity increase.
  • Stabilize the stimulation at your preferred percentage, and the intensity will remain constant for the rest of treatment.
  • CeCe will record the maximum intensity of each session in your treatment log.

You can also use the timer on your phone.

  • Start the timer when you begin treatment.
  • When you find your sweet spot, stop the timer. Note the time, so you can stabilize the intensity at that point in later treatment sessions.
  • Remember, your time might be different for ACUTE and PREVENT treatment modes.

Tips for adjusting your CEFALY stimulation

  • If you would like to increase the treatment intensity, wait until at least 4 minutes into your session, then press and hold the device button. When you release the device button, the intensity will stabilize at the new level and remain constant.
    • Press and hold the device button again to increase the intensity again.
    • The maximum intensity is reached after pressing and holding the device button for 30 consecutive seconds. 
  • If treatment is ever painful, take off the device and restart your program.    
  • You may have different sweet spots for the ACUTE and PREVENT treatment modes.
  • Your sweet-spot intensity may increase as you become accustomed to the sensation of CEFALY.

Need help finding your sweet spot? We’re here for you! Book a free session with a CEFALY Coach.