We designed CEFALY to be easy to use — there’s just one button to press — and safe, with minimal side effects. Still, it can take a little time to get the hang of using your CEFALY correctly so you get maximum migraine relief.

Here are a few comments and questions we frequently hear from new users.

Is CEFALY actually working? It doesn’t feel like I’m getting any relief for my migraine.

One of the most common issues is the placement of your CEFALY device. If it’s too high on your forehead, it won’t be able to stimulate the trigeminal nerve.

Here’s a trick we suggest for new CEFALY users: Pretend the small, flat, bottom edge of the electrode is your unibrow. Place the electrode on your clean forehead so that the bottom edge is aligned with your eyebrow line, as in the diagram. Then, you’ll optimize the placement of the electrode for nerve stimulation.

If you’re confident your CEFALY device is in the right place and you still feel like it’s not working, you may need to check the electrode. The electrodes should adhere firmly. Run your fingers firmly across them to make sure there are no gaps or bubbles. If an electrode gets dirty, or loses adhesion, you’ll need to replace it. Shop for electrodes.

Will I be able to handle the sensation? It often feels like it is too much for me.

It can take time to get used to the sensation of using CEFALY, but it should never be painful. The sensation should be perceptible but not painful. We recommend starting off slow and gradually ramping up the intensity over time. Whether you’re using the ACUTE or the PREVENT mode, you can press your device button once at any point during the first 14 minutes of the program, and the intensity will be held at that level for the rest of the session.

Over the first few weeks of using CEFALY, you can increase the intensity to the level that feels comfortable for you. Many longtime users say that for them, the sensation feels relaxing, like getting a gentle head massage.

Each user has a different tolerance to stimulation. New users may require trial-and-error to determine the “sweet spot” of stimulation, that is, the intensity of stimulation that is perceptible but not painful. You do not need to be at full intensity to receive the benefits of CEFALY. New users are encouraged to practice finding their sweet spot using the CEFALY PREVENT mode or Program 2 in the user manual.

I don’t feel anything when I’m using CEFALY?

That’s not necessarily a problem! You may just be getting accustomed to the feeling. If you just began a session with your CEFALY device, allow 2-3 minutes for the intensity to increase. Once you’re at least 4 minutes into your session, you can press and hold the device button to increase the intensity. When you release the button, the intensity will stabilize and remain constant. If the intensity becomes intolerable or painful, stop the program and begin again.

The ACUTE program helps my pain, but what happens if my migraine frequency hasn’t decreased?

The CEFALY device’s two programs work in different ways. ACUTE, a 60-minute program for acute migraine relief, influences the trigeminal nerve to block pain signals from getting through. PREVENT, a less intense, 20-minute program, desensitizes the nerve over time. For PREVENT to reduce pain signals in the trigeminal nerve, you have to use it every day. It typically takes 90 days to see results. Occasional or irregular use won’t result in effective migraine prevention.

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