At least 39 million Americans live with migraine, one of the most common and debilitating headache disorders. Migraine causes intense pain and disrupts daily lives, making treatment essential.

Since 2008, CEFALY Technology has worked to develop a cutting-edge, drug-free migraine treatment. We continue finding ways to improve our devices, striving to put relief in reach for more people. Our newest devices, CEFALY Enhanced and CEFALY Connected, present upgrades to previous versions.

Read on for a closer look at CEFALY’s evolution and our new product offerings.

The CEFALY device was created to help millions of migraine sufferers worldwide. We understand migraine attacks are more than mere headaches, and sought an alternative solution to medications and other treatments. Since the original CEFALY device debuted in 2008, we’ve continued testing and improving our migraine devices for maximum results.

CEFALY’s history

Our eTNS (external trigeminal nerve stimulation) device targets the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for most migraine pain. When you attach the CEFALY device to your forehead, it sends tiny electrical impulses to stimulate and desensitize the trigeminal nerve.

CEFALY combines preventive and acute treatments. Use the device for daily PREVENT treatments to reduce migraine intensity and frequency, and use the ACUTE treatment mode during a migraine attack to relieve pain.

In 2021, CEFALY premiered the upgraded CEFALY Enhanced device. This version featured updates like:

·     LED indicator lights

·     Larger button

·     Charging dock

Clinical studies

After CEFALY first launched, it underwent a series of clinical studies to assess its effectiveness. The device performed well for migraine prevention and acute pain relief, establishing itself as a leading option in migraine relief solutions.

Clinical studies have shown that: 

CEFALY is an FDA-cleared treatment option for migraine, offering a safe and effective way to lessen pain and migraine frequency.

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Entering a new era

At CEFALY, we constantly work to optimize our migraine treatments. We plan to release our newest devices, CEFALY Enhanced and CEFALY Connected, in 2022. These improve upon the previous versions, still providing trusted migraine pain relief and prevention but with additional upgrades.

Enhancements include:

  • Bluetooth compatibility: The CEFALY Connected is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to easily sync your device with CEFALY’s CeCe Migraine Management app.
  • CeCe app integration: We designed our personalized CeCe app to help you manage your migraines. You can log active sessions, track stimulation intensity, see your device’s remaining battery life, start a migraine log and more.
  • Extended battery life: These devices also feature an upgraded battery life. One charge can support seven ACUTE treatment sessions or 21 PREVENT sessions, a significant increase from previous versions.
  • In-app monitoring: When you link your CEFALY Connected to the CeCe app, it provides real-time updates on battery percentage and remaining time in your session.
  • Migraine-sensitive indicator lights: The LED lights are softer and blink less frequently than previous device versions.

CEFALY Enhanced vs. CEFALY Connected

The CEFALY Enhanced and CEFALY Connected devices both provide clinically proven migraine relief. Both feature upgraded battery life and softer indicator lights for a better migraine treatment experience.

However, the two new devices have a crucial difference — Bluetooth compatibility. The CEFALY Connected device can connect to the CeCe app via Bluetooth, while the Enhanced device cannot. CEFALY Connected syncs with the app, allowing for session tracking, intensity measurement, battery statistics and more.

If you’d like to have more insight into your CEFALY sessions and treatment progress, the CEFALY Connected might be the best fit. However, both options provide proven, trusted migraine relief and prevention. 

trigeminal nerve treatment

How to use CEFALY

The new CEFALY Enhanced and CEFALY Connected devices work similarly to previous versions of the device. To begin treatment, attach the device to your forehead using a self-adhesive electrode. 

After you turn the device on, you should feel a tingling sensation created by the tiny electrical impulses. Briefly press the button once at any time in the first 14 minutes of a session to stabilize the stimulation at a level that’s comfortable for you. 

CEFALY devices have two settings — ACUTE and PREVENT. Here’s how they differ.

·    ACUTE: This setting is for pain relief during a migraine attack. If you start experiencing migraine symptoms or sense an attack coming on, use the ACUTE treatment mode for a 60-minute session.

·    PREVENT: The PREVENT treatment mode reduces migraine intensity and frequency over time. Use this 20-minute session daily as directed.

At the beginning of a session, clean the skin on your forehead. Then, position the reusable self-adhesive electrode just above your eyebrows. Finally, attach your CEFALY device to the electrodes and select your treatment mode. The device automatically shuts off after your session concludes.

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Those with the CEFALY Connected device can use the CeCe app to keep track of sessions and migraine frequency. As soon as you start an ACUTE session, the app automatically starts a migraine log for future tracking.

Keeping track of migraine attacks with CeCe

The CeCe app offers a new, intuitive way to track migraine triggers and symptoms. The personalized interface helps you see and understand your migraine patterns and trends, all for free. While you can sync your CEFALY Connected device with CeCe, you don’t need a CEFALY device to use the app. Anyone can download and use the app for migraine management.

CeCe’s features include the following:

·    Real-time migraine attack logging: You can use CeCe to log when migraines occur. Once they’re over, the app asks a few simple questions about the attack. This ongoing diary can help you discover usual migraine times and common triggers, so you can prepare for future attacks.

·    Trigger insights: Understanding your migraine triggers helps you avoid them, potentially preventing migraine attacks. The CeCe app aids you in your search.

·    Treatment reminders: CeCe also provides optional treatment reminders to help you stay on track with your prevention routine.

·    Journal entries: Health professionals often recommend keeping a migraine journal to note pain levels and other features of your migraine attacks. The CeCe app’s journal feature lets you take detailed notes after an attack to recall how you felt.

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Everyone deserves relief from migraine pain. CEFALY’s new migraine treatment technology can improve your quality of life. Our innovative devices can help you manage pain and reduce migraine attacks.

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