Your Mother’s Day Migraine Gift Guide

If you could give your mom anything, it would be the gift of total freedom from migraine pain. Until that day comes, give her the next best thing: a thoughtful present that can soothe her migraine symptoms or help with prevention. Here are 8 ideas for Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love.

New sunglasses

If your mom experiences migraine-related light sensitivity, she’d appreciate a new, stylish pair of shades. Don’t just grab a cute pair from the Target rack! The best sunglasses for migraine are polarized, which reduce glare from sunlight reflected on glass or water, or have an FL-41 tint, which is a purplish-pink shade that helps relieve photosensitivity.[i]

A fancy tumbler or water bottle

Dehydration is a reliable migraine trigger. If your mom’s always on the move, an insulated, spill-resistant tumbler can help her hydrate in style. Look for a high-quality brand that can keep cold drinks iced and hot drinks hot for several hours, with bonus points for being dishwasher-safe (because the last thing Mom needs is another dish to hand-wash).

A migraine cookbook

Sticking to a diet that avoids migraine triggers can be tough. Make it easier with a cookbook that has recipes your mom can actually get excited about: sweet smoothies, lively salads, and savory sides. Some popular migraine cookbooks include The Dizzy Cook, by an author who lives with vestibular migraine, and The Migraine Relief Diet, which includes meal plans and instructions for a three-day cleanse.

Migraine-safe desserts

Does your mom have a sweet tooth? Bake or buy her a treat that won’t trigger migraine. Chocolate, nuts and yeast-risen baked goods are best to avoid, but there’s always cheesecake, fruit pies (skipping the citrus), or white chocolate-chip cookies (white chocolate is generally considered safe for migraine).

A hand-picked migraine toolkit

A migraine toolkit is simply a personalized collection of items that can relieve migraine symptoms and pain. It can include anything on this page, plus things like:

  • Ice packs or wraps
  • Microwavable neck wraps
  • Eye shades
  • Lotions or soothing skin balms with migraine-friendly fragrances

You can make one for your mom to keep at home, one for her vehicle, and one for work. If you need more ideas, read this: What’s In a Migraine Toolkit?

 A migraine-friendly mocktail kit

If alcohol triggers migraine for your mom, give her another way to feel festive. Non-alcoholic cocktails have become increasingly sophisticated, with complex blends of flavor. You could assemble a pretty Mother’s Day gift box with some key ingredients and recipes, or sign up your mom for a 6-month subscription of elixirs to try.

Migraine teas

A thoughtful selection of artisan teas makes a beautiful gift for someone with migraine. Look for blends specially formulated for migraine and/or headache, with ingredients such as ginger, peppermint, chamomile or clove. If caffeine’s a trigger for your mom, stick to herbal, caffeine-free teas.


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