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What is the CEFALY New Habits Challenge?

Commit to practicing 4 migraine prevention habits every day for 30 days:

  • ✓ Doing a 20-minute CEFALY PREVENT treatment.
  • ✓ Drinking 64 oz. (2 liters) of water.
  • ✓ Meditating for 5 minutes.
  • ✓ Exercising for 15 minutes.

The challenge starts Jan 2 and runs through Jan 31, 2024.

Download your FREE migraine prevention tracker below:

We’ll also keep you motivated with virtual events and community chat groups. Share your progress with other CEFALY users in our private Facebook Group!

PS: We made you a playlist! Check out the CEFALY New Habits Challenge on Spotify!

Disclaimer: Please consult your physician for medical advice before beginning or changing your migraine prevention or treatment routine. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider if you have questions about migraine or any other medical condition.

Why should I try the challenge?

For many of us, having a regular prevention routine can make a big difference in the frequency of migraine attacks. Staying hydrated, lowering your stress, getting exercise and doing daily PREVENT treatments all can raise your migraine threshold, making you more resistant to migraine triggers. 

But let’s be real: It’s not easy to do these things every day. You’re busy. You’re tired. And sometimes, you just feel like 🤬. The CEFALY New Habits Challenge is designed to get your migraine prevention routine back on track, so you can enjoy more migraine-free days in 2024.

Ready to commit to your new migraine prevention routine? We’re kicking things off Jan. 2. Plus, when you join the challenge you’re automatically entered in our New Habits Giveaway!

The New Habits Giveaway

CEFALY has partnered with some of the best products for those living with migraine to offer a special giveaway from January 10th-21st, 2024. The New Habits Giveaway will give you a chance to win some amazing products to support your migraine treatment journey. Get your 2024 off to a great start by building habits that will make it your best year yet! 

If you join our New Habits Challenge you are automatically entered for the chance to win!


  • The Headache Hat:
    • Hot/Cold Headache Hat Gel Cube Hat, plus Headache Halo cooling relief wrap
  • Achy Smile:
    • Physical Symptoms & Mental Health Tracker/Journal: Track for 90 days and see the patterns in your physical and mental health
  • No Nothing:
    • Color Shampoo & Conditioner, Dry Shampoo Foam, Heat Protection Spray, Moisture Mist
  • Migrastil:
    • Migrastil Super Bundle (1 Original Migraine Stick, 1 Extra Strength Migraine Stick, 1 bottle of Migrastil capsules, 1 Soothing Neck and Shoulder Cream, 1 bottle of Migrastil Electrolyte Drops, and a 2-Pack of Anti-Nausea  Inhalers)
  • Yoga for Migraine


While we hope you’ll make it to the end, you don’t have to finish the 30-day challenge to be eligible. All participants are entered to win.

CEFALY’s PREVENT treatment mode slowly desensitizes your trigeminal nerve over time. Just as it takes more than two or three workouts to build muscles, it takes more than just a few PREVENT treatments to change the behavior of the trigeminal nerve. 

For the best results, you should do a 20-minute PREVENT treatment every day. Some people see a difference (less frequent migraine attacks/fewer headache days) within 6-8 weeks. Three months is the recommended length of time to achieve results.

Yes, it’s annoying when people tell you “drink more water!” However, current medical guidance says that dehydration can be a migraine trigger and drinking fluids can help you recover from a migraine attack. It’s especially important to stay hydrated in the winter, when you may not feel thirst as acutely as you do during the summer.

It can! According to one research summary, “multiple studies suggest that meditation has a generally global positive effect on emotional and physical health. Specifically meditation has proven effective in reducing physiological and psychological arousal to stress and pain.” For people with migraine, a meditation practice may reduce stress (a common migraine trigger), increase pain tolerance, and help calm anxiety and fear. Learn more in this beginner’s guide to migraine meditation from the National Headache Foundation.

Exercise has been shown to be beneficial for people with migraine, but you have to find the approach that works best for you. Start slow, with low-impact movement that feels good. Stretching, gentle yoga, walking and swimming are all possible activities to try.